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Parivahan Sewa | Official Website of Road & Transport Ministry

Know All About the Official Website of Road & Transport Ministry (India) | Parivahan Sewa | Official Website

Indian Government has made all the Driving License Related & Vehicle Related Services Online. Almost all states are covered in this online service. The Whole system is integrated as one service known as “Parivahan Sewa”. This Means, any citizen from any state or UT of India can avail Online Services related to Driving License & Vehicle below one roof. This Article is dedicated to providing detailed information regarding the official Website of Road & Transport Ministry. The Service is widely known as Parivahan or Parivahan Sewa. Various online Services can be accessed at

Throughout this Article, we will be discussing the facilities that you can avail at the Parivahan Sewa Portal. Let’s Get Started

Parivahan | Parivahan Sewa |Official Website –

There are various websites & online services related to driving license and vehicle information. Due to this many users get confused and can’t decide which is the Original & Official Website of Road & Transport Ministry. 

The Official Website is also referred to as Parivahan or Parivahan Sewa. Anybody can access it by visiting this link:

There are Tons of Services Related to Driving License, RC (Registration Certificate) and various other vehicle-related services. In the Next Section, We will discuss what online services can be availed at the Official Parivahan Sewa Portal. 

Parivahan Sewa | List of Online Services available at Official Portal

At the Official Website, all the services are neatly organized. In order to Access the Online Services, you need to open up the Parivahan Website and Go to the “Online Services” Section. Here is the List of Services Available :

  • Vehicle-Related Services
  • Driving License Related Services
  • Check Post Tax Service
  • Fancy Number Booking Service
  • Know your License Details Service
  • Know your Vehicle Details Service
  • e-authorization Card Service

When you will select any specific service, various other related services will be Displayed.

What Can I Do at Parivahan Website?

Let’s Discuss All the Services one by One

Parivahan Sewa Vehicle Related Services :

Using the Vehicle-Related Services Link, You can :

  • Pay Tax Online
  • Make Changes (Transfer RC Ownership, Change Address, Apply for Duplicate RC etc.)
  • Apply Online for Fitness Certificate
  • Apply for Duplicate Fitness Certificate
  • Online Registration Renewal
  • Alteration of Vehicle
  • Online Application for No Objection Certificate
  • Update your Mobile Number
  • Book Online Appointment etc.

Driving License Related Services at Parivahan Portal :

Using the “Driving License Related Services” Link, You Can:

  • Apply Online for Learner’s Licence
  • Apply Online for Driving Licence
  • Access Various Services Related to Learner’s Licence ( Check Status, Download Receipt etc.)
  • Access Various Services Related to Driving Licence (DL Renewal, Additional Endorsement, Address Change, DL Replacement, International Driving Permit, Change of Date of Birth, Duplicate DL, NOC Issue etc.)
  • Apply Online for Conductor Licence (Temporary, Permanent)
  • Check your Application Status Online
  • Search Related Applications
  • Find the Application Number
  • Apply Online for New Driving School Licence (etc.)
  • Book Online Appointment
  • Make Online Fee Payments & Verify Payment Status
  • Modify Applications
  • Print License Details
  • Print Forms
  • Prepare for Learning Licence Test

Parivahan Sewa | Official Parivahan Website (

As you read above, there are various services available at the Official Parivahan Website. If you need help related to any of these services, you should visit the official Website of Parivahan which is :

You can Also Download the mparivahan App to Get Information on your Smartphone

Disclaimer : This Article Gives Information Regarding the official Website of Parivahan (Ministry of Road & Transport, India) & Services Available There. We Do not Claim that our website is the Official Website.