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Duplicate Driving License Apply – New Parivahan DL Copy Online Form 2022

Find Out How to Apply for Duplicate Driving Licence Online if Original License in Damaged or Lost

If your driving license is lost and you are wondering what to do, we are here to help you. As you know, you can’t drive if you don’t have a driving license. If you have lost or misplaced your drivers license and haven’t obtained the duplicate copy yet, you can be fined for driving without a license. Let’s find out what to do when your driving license issued by parivahan (Transport Department) is lost.

A driving Licence is a valuable document. You may find yourself in a difficult situation if you driving any vehicle without a Driving License and get caught by Traffic police. That’s why it is advised to always Carry your Original Driving Licence along with other important documents. In some cases when the Original DL is lost or damaged, you need to Apply for Duplicate Driving License. This article explains to you the Process of Applying for a Duplicate Driving Licence. Let’s Get Started.

Duplicate Driving Licence

A duplicate driver’s license is issued when the original one is lost. So, if you have dropped your original one somewhere, and are unable to recover it, forget everything else and get yourself the driving licence duplicate.

We often lose our important documents. Such things always happen. No matter how hard we try to keep important documents safe, we often find ourselves in a situation where an important document is either lost or damaged. In such cases, you should get the Duplicate Copy of the document as soon as possible.

Here are the situations when you should plan about obtaining Duplicate Drivers License

  1. You kept your driving license somewhere but now unable to find it
  2. You dropped your DL somewhere and have no idea where it could be
  3. You lost your purse or file containing important documents, including the licence.
  4. Your original one is totally damaged somehow and contents are not visible

If you are in any of the above given situations, you need a new copy of your driver’s license. Thanks to the Online Services, getting one is now easier. You can apply Online for Duplicate DL at the comfort of your home. However, it is important to still know the Key information like Driving License Number etc.

Below, we are sharing the Step by Step Procedure to Fill the Duplicate Drivers’s License (DL) Application Form on the parivahan portal.

What is Parivahan

Parivahan or Parivahan Sewa portal is a one-stop solution to all your vehicle-related online services. This portal allows you to apply online for a duplicate license. The process to apply for a DL copy on parivahan sewa portal is explained below.

Apply Online for Duplicate Driving License (DL) Application Form

Follow this step-by-step process to apply for DL copy on the parivahan portal.

  • First of All, Visit the Official Parivahan Portal
  • Go to “Online Services” tab and Click on “Driving License Related Services”

  • When the next page Opens up, Select your State and RTO name

  • After the Selection, another Page Opens up.
  • On this Page, Go to “Apply Online” and click on “Services on Driving License”

  • This Opens up Online Application Form
  • Now Click on the “Continue” Button to Proceed
  • Enter your Driving License Number and Date of Birth
  • Then Select your State Name and RTO

  • Click on Proceed
  • Now, Your Driving Licence Details will be Shown. If all the Information is Correct, Click on “Confirm”

  • When the Next Page Opens up, you will be asked to Select
  • In this Section, Select “Issue of Duplicate DL” and Click on “Proceed”

  • In the Next Page, you need to Specify why are you are requesting for Duplicate Driving License
  • Then Download the Prefilled Application Form and Acknowledgement

  • Then you need to Make the Online Payment
  • Now, you need to carry the application Fee payment receipt and Prefilled Application Form and Visit your RTO office
  • Submit the Form and Receipt there.

Within a Few Days, your Duplicate Driving License will arrive and you can collect it from the Office.

Note: You can download the online copy of Duplicate DL anytime. If needed, you may take a print and keep it with you but it won’t be considered. Only the copy that you receive from your transport office can be used a valid hard copy. If you have saved your Drivers license in your Digilocker account, it will be acceptable.

What do when a Driving license is lost?

If you have lost the driver’s license and there is a very thin chance of finding it, stop worrying and get ready to apply for a driving license duplicate copy.

I already have the soft copy, do I need to apply for duplicate DL?

Only if you have a soft copy in your digilocker account, then it will be acceptable by the authorities. If you have a photo of your driver’s license or PDF file, it won’t be acceptable.

Can I download the driving licence copy from parivahan?

There is the provision to download the DL copy from the parivahan portal. However, this downloaded copy will not work unless you have an authorized soft copy in your digilocker account.

How much fee do I need to pay for Duplicate drivers license

As per rule 32 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules Act, 1989, the fee for obtaining a duplicate driving licence is INR 200, and the fee for obtaining a smart card is INR 400.


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